We provide D&T Association Accredited Health and Safety Training.

The D&T Association Health and Safety Training Standards for Design and Technology were established in 2000 and over 18,000 teaching and support staff have now been accredited on these Standards.

These Standards provide the benchmark for health and safety training in design and technology, providing staff with the training, competency and accreditation to meet the requirements of the BritishStandard, BS 4163:2014 Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments – Code of practice.

Training is provided by Jeff Wickham RDTHSC.

Jeff is a former Head of Technology and has over 40 years’ experience of using workshop machinery.

When planning and conducting design and technological activities, trainees and teachers must give due regard to the health and safety of their pupils, themselves and other adults.
They must be aware of current relevant health and safety responsibilities, legislation and liability.    

  • Is your accreditation up to date?
  • Are all members of your department trained on the machinery they use?
  • Do you have all necessary documentation in place?
  • Do your teaching areas/machines meet the requirements of BS4163: 2014 and Building Bulletin 81?

NB: Using equipment listed without approved training and accreditation can lead to HSE, civil, legal proceedings when accidents occur.


We cover the following areas, either as Initial Training or Refresher Courses:

Core training (SCHS)

Essential for all trainees, teachers and technicians.

This one day course covers all of the legislative requirements that need to be met within a D&T department, including:

PAT Testing

Records of training

Machine maintenance

Risk Assessments

COSHH Regulations

LEV testing

Click HERE to download the pre-course preparation guide

Click HERE to download the Core Portfolio Dividers      PLEASE PRINT SINGLE SIDED


Resistant Materials (SMHS)

Essential for all staff teaching in this specialist area, including LSAs

This covers practical training on any/all of the basic equipment, eg

Pillar Drill                              Hand tools

Vacuum former                     Disc Sander

Strip bender                          Fret Saw

Portable drill                         Heat Area

Specialist Extension Level

This covers items of high risk equipment

Adequate training and accreditation must be in place  before using these specialist pieces of equipment and/or processes


Wood sawing machines (S1HS)
Centre lathe for metal cutting (S2HS)
Casting non-ferrous metals (S3HS)
Metal arc welding (S4HS)
Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting (S5HS)
Milling machines and machining centre (S6HS)
Wood turning lathe (S7HS)
Planer/thicknesser machine (S8HS)
Portable Power Tools (S9HS)
Grinding and Sharpening (S10HS)
Technicians Essential Knowledge (S12HS)



Full H&S Audit and photographic/written report                               

Detailed advice on machinery compliance, workshop layout, LEV systems, essential documentation, risk assessments. Guidance on specialist companies for spares and repairs



Core Level

Res Materials

Specialist levels

H&S Audit and Report

D&TA Certificates



£425/day + travel (up to 8 people)

£425/day + travel, contact to discuss details

£425/day + travel, contact to discuss details

£475 + travel



Call me to discuss your requirements and plan your training in your own workshops.
Costs and time required will vary depending upon previous experience/existing accreditation/areas to cover and staff numbers.


Click HERE to download an audit form to list your training requirements.

When it is completed, return it to me by email.

Click HERE to download a MACHINERY CHECKLIST to ensure you have everything required for the training

Click HERE to download a MATERIALS LIST for your training


The following statements should be helpful when requesting approval for training from the SMT in your school.


BS4163:2014  Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments – Code of practice

 2.6  Health and safety training


NOTE 1 All employers are required under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to provide, as far as reasonably practicable, all information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of their employees.


NOTE 2 Employers are required, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, to take into account all employees’ capabilities with regard to health and safety.


It is essential that all staff are competent to undertake the tasks expected of them. Proper health and safety training should be provided to employees on induction into the school or similar establishment and when exposed to any new or increased risks. Design and technology has training standards approved by the Training and Development Agency (TDA) and these are published by the Design and Technology Association (D & T Association) (Health and SafetyTraining Standards in Design and Technology). The standards provide national recognition to teachers and support staff, and cover all elements of training. Reaccreditation is required on a five-year basis.


All teachers should be trained in safe use of equipment, machinery and processes during initial training, or by in-service training. Teachers involved in teaching any aspects of food handling should have at least a recognized food safety certificate; this is included in the TDA/D & T Association publication Health and Safety Training Standards in Design and Technology.


“The recommendations in this code of practice cannot ensure the health and safety of students and employees without proper training and supervision by the teacher in charge.

It is essential that the teacher has recognised accredited training in health and safety.”


Download the D&T Association brochure

A Guide to Health and Safety Training in Design and Technology